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Well come to bermero leather Our genuine state-of-the-art leather products are used as much as possible to ensure that our clients receive unique leather products of the highest quality. Our focus as an establishment is on providing quality products, that meet our customers’ needs, ensuring Genuine, handmade quality products.

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  • Our company has been producing leather products of the highest quality in our Addis Abeba in-house production workshop.
  • Berhanu Isayas Import- Export, Leather Products Manufacturer and Retail Trade of Textile and Leather Products are license of the owner. It is established on May 12,2012 G.C and placed on Addis Ababa, sub city Arada, wereda 01, house no 345 and identified by Taxpaying Identification Number (TIN): 0000438741 and Value added tax registration certificate: 40413470816
  • The owner of the company Berhanu Isayasis married and has Ethiopian nationality.
  • The owner of the company Mr. Berhanu Isayas, has more than 20 years of work experiences, related to trading of leather and textile products and well experiences of the raw material supplies availability, quality, labor and market demand of footwear industry.

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New Arrival

Beautiful shoes make you more productive.

BEREMERO is a brand, offering customer-oriented leather shoes, different leather bags and other leather goods as the clients desired with trendy new arrivals at company’s shop every day.

Core Values

“To be recognized as one of the markets leading, favored and most valued leather footwear and goods manufacturer dedicated in providing world class quality leather products in comfort & style.”

We aim to serve different groups of society’s needs and requirements as regards to supplying quality and reliable leather shoes and goods products with considerable price and earn reputation of goodwill and trust among all customers.

  • committing in sustainably being creative and innovative in producing quality state of art and classic leather shoes and goods products.
  • developing and maintaining good working conditions,
  • teamwork and practicing best work ethics. 

“Bermero seeks to be the leading brand of quality lifestyle leather shoes offering company.”

  • Our strategic objective is focusing on mounting the company in every aspect of the business which will tend to drive it towards expanding the existing products into new markets, as well as diversifying the product lines in order to increase the market destination so as to be able to succeed in penetrate both the local and export market. Besides aiming of providing products with the highest quality,
  • we also actively consider social objective which is concerned with creating sustainable employment opportunities for youth and empowering & employing marginalized society and support them to improve their competitiveness, thus making ourselves in achieving our long-term goal of being market leading leather Footwear Company.
Vison Statement

What they say

Our Brand

  • BEREMERO is a brand, offering customer-oriented leather shoes, different leather bags and other leather goods as the clients desired with trendy new arrivals at company’s shop every day.
  • The brand, BERMERO named from the first underlined names of owner and his wife BEREHANU and MERON traces its roots since the beginning of the establishment of the company, 2012 G.C.    

Our Product Description ​​

  • Our company produce shoes and leather goods using quality leather, the bottom part of the shoe which is the sole is used according to the customer specification. To meet the customer requirements other accessories and components are supplied by best suppliers those can meet the quality level of the company. 

Our Shop

  • Our two shops are located at the center of the city locally known as ‘piassa with attractive products and customer service.  

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